Men’s Hair Loss

August 9, 2019

That day comes to most Men! Oh my god, I think I am losing my hair (the mirror does not lie).

Here are some facts: Androgenic alopecia (AGA) is a disorder that involves gradual loss of hair in genetically predisposed individuals and is more prominent in men than women.

Ethnically, white males are affected the most. Caucasian populations by age 80 is over 90%. Testosterone, a steroid has been identified as the main culprit of male hair loss. Actually, the problem is the conversation of testosterone to DHT or is otherwise known as dihydrotestosterone which is the main steroid responsible for male hair loss and muscle loss.

So! To start with, males of all ages concerned with progressive hair loss should seek out is a well-documented DHT blocker. Such a “DHT Blocker” is found in the plant Epilobium, which contains a unique ingredient known as Oenothein B, is a powerful, fast acting DHT blocker. Within the Epilobium plant, the active ingredients Oenothein B and B-sitosterol delivers on the promise of minimizing the conversation testosterone to DHT. The best natural solution for hair loss is the combination of “12 Day Hair” and “12 Day Topical Hair”.

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