July 2, 2019

Business owner Nutrition Dome

"Unsolicited Nutrition Dome Testimonial: “This product has significantly improved the prostate health and urgency in urination issues of my father who is suffering from cancer of the lung and brain. Prior to using it, it was impossible for him to rest for more than an hour at a time due to the urgency issues. I cannot tell you how grateful we are for your product!! Kathleen Cowden"
July 2, 2019


"In less than two months, my hair is growing. My hair has not grown in years!" Jean, Dr. Dan Johnson MD assistant at the Desert Longevity Institute, Palm Desert, CA."
July 2, 2019

"I've been using 12Day Bladder for over a year. My urgency has diminished quite a bit."
July 2, 2019

Doctor of Chinese Medicine

"Love this product both for me and my patience"
April 10, 2019

"5 stars"