Natural Remedy for BPH, Prostate, Bladder & Hair Loss

Epilobium, Inc. is the national leader in Epilobium research and development. Since 2008, we’ve helped men and women take control over urinary incontinence through our 12Day line of Epilobium products. We’ve engineered solutions that combat prostate enlargement in men, bladder control in women and general hair loss.

  • We produce our entire line of 12Day Epilobium products from seed to shelf. All manufacturing is done in the United States, under stringent quality guidelines.
  • Our full line of Epilobium products includes solutions for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), bladder control in women and hair loss treatments.
  • Our prostate and bladder products work fast! You’ll experience results in as little as 12 days, usually within in 30 days.
  • Our satisfied customers have experienced no reported side effects while taking 12Day Epilobium products, meaning you can try them worry-free.
  • 12Day products are natural and non-interfering with drugs and medications. They’re a great option to try before more invasive actions, like surgery.


About the Company

Epilobium Inc. is a natural biotechnology company specializing in cultivating, processing and scientifically optimizing the herbal plant Epilobium. Our Epilobium-based herbal medicine leverages the power of a special, patent-pending ingredient called Oenothein B to deliver a broad range of benefits. Through several unique formulations, we’ve created our 12Day line of natural health products.

The 12Day brand started with a 4-ounce health drink in a 12 pack—hence the name, 12Day. We’ve come a long way since then! Today, our 12Day line of products includes convenient capsules, drops and sprays, spanning several core anti-inflammatory products.

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Each of our Epilobium products is made with care, farmed, manufactured and tested in third-party, certified laboratories in the USA. In fact, we control the entire production process, from seed to shelf. Everything is done with strict quality compliance, in a GMP certified, FDA approved facility.

Backed by powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and antioxidant, our Epilobium are a natural way to address issues of urinary incontinence, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and even androgenetic alopecia! They naturally address the root issue of inflammation behind many conditions, resulting with improvements in a short amount of time, with full benefits realized usually within 30 days.

Try a Natural Inflammation Remedy

If you’re facing prostate or bladder issues, sometimes the solution is a simpler, more natural one than heavy medication. Try Epilobium today to experience relief in 30 days or less! Available Nationwide.

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