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Do you find yourself waking up several times each night to go to the bathroom? Have the sensation you need to go frequently? These are signs of an enlarged prostate—a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It’s something three million men are diagnosed with each year.

A clinically-studied formulation, 12Day Prostate Health for Men is designed as an all-natural BPH treatment. It contains the active ingredient Oenothein B+ (patent pending), extracted from Epilobium plants. Not only is this an effective reductase inhibitor and hormone balancing agent, it reduces inflammation and has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and antioxidant properties.

When taken regularly, 12Day Prostate Health for Men helps soothe prostate inflammation, returning normal urinary tendencies in men. The result is an effective prostate enlargement treatment that helps control frequent urination or urinary incontinence.

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Is Epilobium Safe?

Because it’s an all-natural enlarged prostate treatment, you don’t have to worry about conflicts with other prescriptions or unwanted side effects. It’s 100% safe! In as little as 30 days, many men experience fewer nighttime trips to the bathroom and healthier urination habits. Scientific evaluation of Epilobium also shows its ability to effectively fight inflammation, resulting in a measurable reduction in prostate size.

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Product Options

12Day Prostate Health for Men is available in several forms, including drops, spray and capsules—all for oral administration. Each product should be taken with food.

  • Drops: 30 drops with your last meal of the day.
  • Spray: 7 sprays with your last meal of the day.
  • Capsules: 1 capsule with your last meal of the day.

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Experience Better Prostate Health Today!

If prescription medications and lifestyle changes aren’t addressing your enlarged prostate or frequent urination, it’s time to try a natural approach. Order 12Day Prostate Health for Men today and start seeing improved results in just 30 days. We offer an ironclad 60-day money back guarantee. We promise 100% satisfaction or your money back, no questions asked.